Catfish Farm Visit

​The visit to the catfish farm was organized on Sunday 24th of September, 2017. The team and investors took off from the University College Hospital, Ibadan to the farm which is located along Old Ife Road, Ibadan.
It was a short drive to the farm. The investors were shown our existing ponds and the new ones we are fixing for the new stock.

It was a wonderful sight, as the investors were pleased with the condition of the ponds. Each pond can take a minimum of 1,500 fishes and we have three (3) new ponds under construction.

If you are yet to own a catfish farm unit, spaces are still available and all investments will close by the first week of October. So, don’t miss out! And guess what, you have the opportunity to pay an initial installment of 50% of the intended farm cost and balance within 6 weeks. Isn’t that awesome?
So why not invest today, get a ROI of 20% in just 5 months. You can’t get that profit on your money by keeping it in the bank! Feel free to drop a comment or chat us up and be sure to get a response very quickly.

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