Independence Day Promo

Happy New Month!! Nigeria gained Independence on this very day. It took Nigeria 46 years to be independent, it should not take you that long to be Biz Independent.
It’s a new month and what better way to start the month than with our Catfish farm Independence Day Promo. Yes! Independence Day just got better. It is quick and easy and believe me, you will not regret it.
Just before we I discuss this amazing offer, I’m sure you are aware it’s catfish season. With N200,000 you can invest in a farm unit, consisting of 500 juveniles and you get your ROI of 20%. That’s great right? It gets better! Now, back to our amazing Independence Day Promo. What if I told you that, with the same amount (N200,000) you can get a ROI of 25%, YES! 25%, with our [email protected] coupon, you can get a ROI of 25%. Visit www.farmchiefs/farms and use the coupon code “[email protected]” and you invest. 25% in just few clicks.
For every investor in the catfish project, FarmChiefs will increase their farm unit of 500 fishes to 550fishes, which will amount to an additional N10,000 profit. It’s a step in engaging more people in Agriculture.



  • The investor must pay in full for the required farm unit.
  • All fishes are reared in earthen ponds.
  • FarmChiefs reserves the right to allocate the ponds to each investor.


So hurry now, offer valid from September 30-October 5, 2017

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