How to Start A Small Scale Fish Farming Business

I’m pretty sure you would have seen quite a lot of information and tutorials about starting your own fish farm, but you rarely get all the facts from them. That’s why we are here for you.
Fish farming is one of the most successful agribusiness in Nigeria. It used to be quite difficult back in the days,but thanks to modern technology, things have gotten a lot more easier.
Fish Farming is also another compatible farming with Poultry Farming (you can read up on how to start your own poultry farm here) .

Why fish farming? Here are a few reasons why:
a. Fish is extremely popular and high in protein
b. Fish sells quick
c. Fish mature quickly
d. Fish Farming is profitable
e. No environmental hazards
There are a few risks involved in fish farming. Some of them include:
a. It being sensitive to manage
b. Capital Intensive
c. No by products

Now let’s get in to it. Here are the things you need to start fish farming

1. Get a land
To start a Fish Farm, first and foremost, you need to secure a land. The best part of fish farming is that you can get any kind of land, even in a residential area. Look for a piece of land that is cheap or you can also use your backyard.

2. Construct a pond
There are two basic types of ponds: Earthen and Concrete. Concrete ponds are definitely more expensive. If you are going with a concrete pond, ensure the plumbing work is properly done. For an earthen pond, ensure there is a constant source of clean water that flows through the pond.

3. Get a good source of water.
It’s as simple as it sounds. You need to ensure that the water your fishes will be swimming in is neat and doesn’t contain toxins. This can cause serious harm to your fishes.

4. Get Your Fish
When you want to get your fish, ensure you are getting a high yield specie of the fish and always ensure you are getting it from a healthy farm.

5. Get Trained
You may have heard from several people how simple fish farming is, but don’t take their word for it. Trial and error is not something you want to do in any business. So get attached to a fish farm for proper apprenticeship.

Fish farming is definitely amongst the most lucrative businesses, but ensure you get it right. You will need good management skills and follow the acceptable standard.

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