FarmChiefs is an agribusiness company registered as a subsidiary of MedEdge Global Resources Limited. FarmChiefs is an offshot of a desire at getting more Nigerians involved in agriculture while positioning the company as a supplier of export farm products.



What better way to delve into agriculture without getting your hands dirty or taking risks associated with agriculture? Earn massive income while also increasing food production. With FarmChiefs, all you have to do is invest and you get your Return on Investment after a period of time.

We have hundreds of hectares of land with efficient manpower as well as newest technologies, equipment and machinery. We are currently into massive maize and cassava production for local consumption, exportation, exportation and industrial purposes. Later this year, we will be going into Vegetable farming, Poultry, Piggery, Fishery and many more.

  • Easy and Flexible Payment Plans
  • No risk
  • Insured




Home grown, world known...